Lenovo Mobile Price in Nepal

Lenovo Mobile Price List In Nepal

Lenovo Mobile Model RAM Price
Lenovo A Plus 1 GB Rs 5290
Lenovo A1000 1 GB Rs 3549
Lenovo A2010 1 GB Rs 4990
Lenovo A269i 256 MB Rs 5499
Lenovo A328 1 GB Rs 7499
Lenovo A369i 512 MB Rs 6999
Lenovo A390 512 MB Rs 7580
Lenovo A3900 512 MB Rs 5699
Lenovo A5 2 GB Rs 6999
Lenovo A5 32GB 3 GB Rs 7999

Lenovo Mobile FAQs

What is the average price of a Lenovo mobile phone in Nepal?

The average cost of a Lenovo mobile phone in Nepal is around 20,000 to 30,000 PKR, but many time mobile phone price is high because price is depending on mobile specification and features.

What are some of the most popular Lenovo mobile phone models in Nepal?

Lenovo Galaxy M31, Lenovo Galaxy M51, Lenovo Galaxy S21, Lenovo Galaxy Note 20, and Lenovo Galaxy A52 is most popular mobile phone in Nepal.

Lenovo mobile phone service center available in Nepal ?

yes Lenovo mobile phone many service center available in Nepal.

how to buy Lenovo mobile phone in Nepal ?

you can easy to buy online store and offiline store any Lenovo mobile is best price in Nepal.